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Crafty Ways to Make Mail More Interesting

With the advent of e-mail, the junk mail to fun mail ratio in our curbside mailboxes has become dishearteningly disproportionate. Make the mail your friends and family get from you even more fun with these great tips....(more)

Top 5 Paper Cutting Tools for Crafters

Learn about the top tools that crafters use to cut paper for scrapbooking, cardmaking, mixed media crafting, and more....(more)

What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape has burst onto the craft scene in a big way. Previously hard to find, you can now find washi tape at most craft and big-box retail stores, as well as specialty stores online. Learn all about washi tape and why you should add it to your craft arsenal....(more)

Easy Ideas for Decoupage

Decoupage is a great way to personalize your crafts and items at home. Use your own photos, scrapbook paper or cut photos from magazines, and then secure them with decoupage. There are many easy decoupage ideas to try. Your crafts are not waterproof, so be sure that your items are for indoor use or that you live somewhere with little rain....(more)


Tips on How to Use a Calligraphy Pen

The calligraphy pen, and how you use it, will determine your success as you practice this centuries-old art. Learn these basic tips to create beautiful lettering....(more)

Basic Tips for Learning Calligraphy

Computers have given us the ability to make words appear with a few quick keystrokes. Take a giant leap back from tech-savvy words to create letters that are art using calligraphy. Learn to create individual letters that are much more than a click on a keyboard....(more)

10 Worst Pinterest Crafts

Pinterest is a giant collaborative bulletin board. Users can amass their own collection of inspiring images or browse the works of others. Unfortunately, some of the trends on Pinterest are either unappealing or overly hyped....(more)


Crafts that Every Parent Should Make for their Children

Many people say that they aren't "crafty". However, when crafting for kids, you don't need to be a superstar. The fact that you created something for you child makes it magical in their eyes. Here are five crafts that every parent should make....(more)

Tips for Stuffing Softies and Stuffed Animals

If you are making a stuffed toy, either for a child or as a decorative piece, part of the process is stuffing the animal. Before you stuff your next softie, check out these tips for successful stuffing....(more)

Crafty things to Remove before Thowing Away Worn Out Clothes

Many clothes you no longer wear can be donated, but clothes that have truly been worn out or worn through can still find a final use before heading to the scrap heap. Here are some ways to squeeze every last bit of use out of old clothing....(more)

An avid crafter and sewist, Carolina cannot remember a time when she didn't gravitate towards all things creative. She has dabbled in most crafting mediums, become proficient or professional in several, and is always trying out new things. Carolina has taken dozens of classes, but loves a good book or... Read More

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